Alarm Monitoring & Response


The best of systems wouldn’t amount to much if it weren’t connected to the monitoring centre. That’s why Fort Point operates its own high-tech centre in compliance with the most demanding standards. Moreover, through its qualified staff and state of the art technology, Fort Point offers a wide range of added value services that will increase your security or facilitate the management of the business.

Your protection is our priority. Rest easy knowing our Alarm Response Center watches over your home around the clock.

  • Security alarm keypad with person arming the systemEach of our operators has completed more than 90 hours of classroom training and 2 months of hands on mentoring; they’re prepared for any emergency.
  • The Alarm Response Center has a redundant, 24/7 backup monitoring center as a safeguard against power outages.
  • No landline needed: home security monitoring isn’t your standard wire system anymore.
  • Arm or disarm your security system from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Get email notifications or text alerts.
  • Link your DVR to your home security system to provide the monitoring centre with real time images or video of alarm events for false verification.

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